Visual Perception

This is the skill that involves taking in the information that we see in our environment and making sense of what it is. Visual perception involves the eyes and brain working together to be able to understand the environment around us. It relies on the ability to perceive differences and relationships among objects and the environment. Visual perception is DSC_0114important when learning to read, draw, write, and complete puzzles and copying.

At Home Activities:

  1. Hidden picture puzzles
  2. Matching games such as blink, perfection or qwirkle cubes
  3. Color by number/symbol
  4. Ispy
  5. Tangram puzzles
  6. Cutting or tracing
  7. Stacking toys
  8. Interlocking and knob puzzles
  9. Finding a specified object/toy/letter among a group of toys/objects/letters
  10. Memory games
  11. Shape sorters
  12. Sorting objects by color, shape, size etc.
  13. Identify objects in a bag by feeling them and matching them to a picture
  14. Spot the difference pictures. Have two almost identical pictures and identify the differences between the two.
  15. Identify objects’ relation to one another (i.e. in front, behind, on top, next to etc.add8
  16. Geo-boards
  17. Cover up majority of a letter or number and have the child guess which letter/number it is
  18. Stomp and catch
  19. Bingo games of letters or pictures
  20. Ball skills

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