Bilateral Integration

This involves using both sides of the body at the same time. This includes when both sides are doing the same thing and when one side is doing one movement and the opposite side is doing something else. For example the right hand could be using scissors to cut a paper while the left hand is stabilizing and turning the paper. Initially children use the hand that is closer to the object/task, but over time they develop the skills to use both sides of their body simultaneously.  Bilateral coordination allows us to participate in activities such as sports, instruments, and using tools.

Activities to Complete at Home:

  1. Play with ballsantoniopouring
  2. Beading and/or lacing
  3. Hand clapping games i.e. Miss Mary Mack, Patty Cake, Wheels on the Bus
  4. Dressing with fasteners i.e. buttons, zippers, laces
  5. Jumping with two feet together (like a bunny)
  6. Parachute Games
  7. Stomp and catch
  8. Knitting or crocheting
  9. Jumping Jacks
  10. Using a rolling pin
  11. Hop scotch
  12. Participation in sports
  13. Biking
  14. Cutting activities
  15. Pop beads or Link toysDSC_0134
  16. Tearing paper
  17. Origami or other folding paper activities
  18. Animal walks
  19. Sharpening pencils and crayons using a manual pencil sharpener
  20. Construction toys such as Legos or Duplos

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