Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is characterized by two types, the impulsive active child as well as the inattentive.   As compared to other children of the same age, this child has difficulty sustaining attention for a task, controlling impulsivity, completing assigned work, remembering details, following directions and organizing themselves.  The hyperactive child has more difficulty regulating the amount of physical activity he seeks and the appropriateness of the movement.  The inattentive child may have difficulty maintain attention to task, constantly losing things, have trouble organizing activities and may be calmer than the hyperactive child.

Treatment involves developing an understanding of the child’s processing strengths and weaknesses and the sensory systems which may be involved.  Along with appropriate treatment techniques to improve processing, development of strategies to improve internal organization are developed.  Consultation with the parents and teachers is imperative to consistency and development of successful strategies which the child will internalize.