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Pediatric Development Center provides evaluation and treatment services for children with known and suspected learning and/or developmental problems. Our goal is to help children reach their maximum potential in their home and academic environments.

PDC has expanded to provide occupational therapy at our new satellite office located in The Yard (www.theyardatthemill.com). The Yard is located at 40 Main Street, Biddeford, ME in the old Pepperell Mill. ┬áThe Yard, designed by an occupational therapist, is a comprehensive play project that introduces the concept of a year-round indoor playground to the Southern Maine area, serving the purposes of pediatric therapy, community gathering, and themed party destination. Their goal is to provide both recreational and therapeutic play opportunities for families and their children of varying abilities, aged 10 and under. If you’re interested in services at this location call us at 207-699-5531.