Visual Motor Integration

catchesballVisual motor integration is the ability to coordinate vision with body movements. It requires being able to interpret what is being seen and responding appropriately with a motor movement. Visual motor integration is more commonly
associated as hand-eye coordination. It is important for activities such as writing, eating, self-care, sports and driving.

At Home Activities:

  1. Copying pictures, shapes designs etc
  2. Puzzles
  3. Coloring inside the lines
  4. Building with Blocks
  5. Matching pattersn with Tangrams
  6. Mazes
  7. Catching and throwing balls
  8. Stomp and catchDSC_0573
  9. Shape sorters
  10. Hitting targets with balls
  11. Stringing beads
  12. Cutting along a line
  13. Making shapes/objects/letters with Play Doh
  14. Craft projects
  15. Pop beads
  16. Ring toss
  17. Games such as Perfection, Lite Brite, or Thin Ice
  18. Draw half of a picture and have the child finish the other half
  19. Connect the Dots
  20. Tic Tac Toe

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